The role of daycare in child development

If you are thinking about sending your child to day care, this article will provide information about various research findings which highlight the role of childcare in early childhood development.


Why send your child to Pendle Hill day care?

A day-care centre is also known as an early learning centre. It plays an important role in helping support development in young children.  children are introduced to a structured learning environment where they engage in various educational activities. They also get to interact with their peers.  Overall, they also come into interaction with adults other than their immediate family. All of these have a positive impact on the social development.

Research has proved that high quality day-care programmes can improve a child’s cognitive as well as social and emotional development.

The following are some of the key findings from various studies which talk about the positive impact of high-quality Day-care.


Developing social skills

Various research show that children who attend quality day care have better social skills. It provides them an environment where they can interact with children their age, I learn to manage the emotions by building relationships and developing empathy.

Important for cognitive development

When a child attends a high-quality day-care programme, it helps stimulate their cognitive development. The follow several age-appropriate activities which can help develop important skills such as language and mathematical skills.

Important for parents

Parents whose children attend day-care can better themselves economically. They are able to return to work or do their studies and pave a better future for their family. As a result, children who attend day care have a better chance of economic growth compared to those who might not receive such care.

Consideration for parents

When you consider enrolling your child at day care it is important to consider the staff to child ratio and the group size. a higher staff to child ratio and smaller group sizes mean that children are exposed to a more sensitive and stimulating environment. it can have a positive impact on their social and cognitive development.

Long term benefits of attending Pendle Hill day care

  • The long-term benefits of childcare can have a positive impact on the child’s overall development. A study found that the Educare model, where children are with the same teacher for several years has a positive impact on the child by helping improve their self-control and form a stronger bond with the caregivers.
  • High quality childcare contributes to success in science, technology, engineering, and math. Research published in the American Psychological Association found that children who attended childcare as toddlers or babies had a better chance in learning science and technology in high school.
  • There is also research which points that childcare can help protect infants and older children from the negative effects of poverty and maternal stress. For example, children who attend day-care are less likely to be a burden on their parents because they can go back to their studies and their work and start improving their economic lifestyle.

High quality day care is important for the children’s development. It is essential for parents to understand the role of day care and make an informed decision when choosing a day care facility. Experience excellence at Pendle Hill daycare.





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