Impact of child care on social development

A child learns a great deal from their parents. In fact parental guidance is the first thing which enables a child to develop some social skills. However, there is also enough research which supports the fact that children who attend day care re more socially intelligent. If you are considering sending your little one to a Burwood child care, know that you have made a sound decision. The child care won’t only ensure the physical development of your child but would also help them develop their social skills.

In a recent study which was published in the journal of Epidemiology stated that the children who attend day care are more well behaved and knew many social skills then compared with children who are home schooled.

When a child has access to a high quality child care during the initial years of their life, it can help improve not only their cognitive skills as well as social skills. On the other hand it can also help prevent emotional difficulties which are caused by antisocial behavior.

Children tend to become less hyper active and foster friendships during the time they attend day care. These children then become ready for all kind of academic experiences plus they have a well-developed and more rounded language skills as well.

How a Burwood child care ensure your child’s social development

Children at a day care learn social skills through all of the following instances:

  • Children learn to express their emotions at an early age this helps them develop better communication skills. When children know that they can put a name to what they are feeling, it gives them immense confidence. The simple fact that a child is able to verbalize that they are feeling angry or sad can help reverse stressful situations at home as well as any other place which the child is visiting. When children process their emotions with ease they can cope with a variety of situations without difficulty.
  • At each stage of their life children need to have certain communication skills. Children as young as two years old need to have some of those skills as well. Usually toddlers avoid eye contact because they consider it as a means of control. However, they should be taught from an early age that eye contact is a polite thing and should be practiced when required. These are certain communication skills which help children integrate into the society with ease.
  • Listening skills are crucial because without these skills the child is unable to learn properly. While children are born with listening skills, these need to be enhanced as the child grows older. When children engage in discussions with their peers, they learn to listen to them in order to share their ideas as well.
  • Children also learn the importance of team work. They learn to behave well in group settings and the activities at a Burwood child care are aimed towards developing this social aspect in every child.

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