Why daycare is the best option for your kids

Majority of children in Australia are in a certain kind of childcare arrangement. parents prefer sending their children to daycare because they are working. However, sometimes parents are advised by professionals to send their child to a daycare because it will help improve their development.

If you are wondering whether your child will thrive at Park Ridge daycare, you are at the right place.

Why consider Park Ridge daycare?

Children who attend daycare have better outcomes compared to children who do not receive any kind of formal care. This is by no means an indication that the child will not develop to their full potential when cared for at home by their mothers. In fact our mother will ensure that she does her best for her child.

But what needs to be kept in mind is that when a child is enrolled at Park Ridge daycare, they are looked after by professionals. These caregivers are well versed in handling children from ages six months to three years. Their experience allows them to understand how each child should be treated and the attention they require from their caregivers.

A childcare center is better for your child’s development than a home based childcare setting. Children who attend daycare centers have better cognitive and language development. They also tend to have better pre academic skills that involve writing and recognizing letters and numbers. Since children are exposed to different situations they tend to be more well behaved and show less signs of disobedience and aggression.

Consider licensed and regulated childcare centers to get better quality childcare than home daycares which might not be able to meet such high standards. A study found that children in childcare centres that met more standards (Adult to child ratio,  group size, the childcare providers professional training etcetera) had better outcomes than children going to centres that met fewer standards.

However, If you want to make sure that your child has a well-rounded development, you need to consider a high quality daycare.  research has shown that only about one third of childcare centres encourage children’s social language and cognitive development. It has been observed that inclusive childcare centres tend to be of higher quality than non inclusive programs.


Park ridge daycare is a high quality daycare

So how do you know that a childcare setting is high quality?  Keep the following things in mind when searching for the best childcare.

  • The caregivers or the teachers have a positive attitude and it is evident in the way they handle children.
  • There is emphasis on positive physical contact with the children
  • Are quick to respond to a child’s frequent vocalizations
  • Ask questions and encourage children to sing songs and read books
  • Encourage and advance a child’s behavior and discourage negative interactions.

When you visit Park Ridge daycare you will be able to see that the caregivers follow all of these qualities. They are dedicated to helping your child reach their full potential. For more information on childcare services in Park Ridge, speak with representative today.




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